Canopy Pass

In the forgotten North, high above the edge of the Everfrost Fields, there is a sleepy little town that has grown up along a rarely used trade path that links a frontier outpost of the Baron’s Guard with the rest of civilization.

On the maps, it is known simply as Canopy Pass.

And something is going to happen here that few will believe. A sleepy little town may just reawaken a slumbering world from a dream (or, perhaps, a nightmare.)

It doesn’t seem like Canopy Pass would be a place you’d go to find adventure. There’s a blacksmith, a few shops and a market…but not much else. Members of the Baron’s Guard come through here on their way to the keep. Traders, trappers and loggers gear up here either on their way down the mountains or back out into the wild. The people that live here are very far removed from the politics of court or the simmering War Between The Baronies, there scarcely seems to be a need for a frontier keep at all.

And yet, there are some things that don’t make sense. Why does the Baron keep sending men and supplies to the frontier outpost that doesn’t share a border with his enemies? Why are there buildings that seem ancient and yet no one can remember ever meeting anyone older than fifty years? And seriously, why would anyone choose to live in the middle of nowhere when there’s a world full of opportunities back down the mountains?

These may be questions you’ve asked yourself because this is the world you live in. And, despite your dreams of chasing a more exciting existence elsewhere, there is room to explore, mysteries to solve, legends to be made.

Welcome to Canopy Pass…and your adventure is about to begin.

Canopy Pass