People In Town

In your time in the town, you may meet many people. Some of them are obviously important and others may just be passing through. Here are some (but not all) of the names of people you may encounter.

  • Lord Seban, the baron’s advocate
  • Ayles, the innkeeper
  • Bellor, the jailor
  • Cel, the barmaid
  • Fairn
  • Iln
  • Nils, the miller
  • Osh, the butcher
  • Pellou, the blacksmith
  • Ribbern (of the Temple of Scorn)
  • Tern, the stableman
  • Tulan, the bartender


  • Fehlan, Keepmaster
  • Old Man Vender, homesteader in the Wild

People In Town

Canopy Pass pg13